6 weapons to break the deadlock in the workplace

6 weapons to break the deadlock in the workplace

1. All parties for strangers.

  If someone wears Turkish style clothes, they can open the theme like this: “Have you been to the flash?


This is a good topic, and the other person will definitely remember their experience in the slightest, and happily chat with you.

Can’t talk nonsense, some kind of “Is there no other more interesting topic?

“You don’t even think about such a problem.

  2. Quarreled with a friend of the childhood sweetheart?

  Then try to talk to him and analyze the reason for the quarrel.

  Try to open the topic like this: “I have some ideas about our quarrel. Would you like to listen?

“What” I have my stand “, or” Do you remember it somehow? ”

“You must avoid them, they will not help you much.

  Organize your thoughts as described above and keep the conversation sincere.

Ask your friends from time to time, and ask him what he thinks about it.

  If you can’t restore friendship with another lawsuit, it’s best to say nothing and no longer apologize.

In this case, time resolution is the most effective.

  3, the common topic with the interviewer Interviewer is really a tricky figure, how his impression of you is directly related to your future.

Then, don’t just sit still and open up the topic with emotional introduction.

But don’t talk about clichés like weather.

  Respond promptly to the interviewer’s words.

This is an old method, but it works.

For example, he said, “This time, many people, including you, have submitted resumes to our company.

“If you say like,” Ah, is that so? ”


If you answer like this, it will be much better: “Oh, so many volunteers?

“4, the man that Lightning knew, just call his name.

  You eat at a nice restaurant with a man you chat with.

In case nothing is said, don’t worry too much.

There is no need to let him notice your tension.

It can also be helpful to call the person’s name directly.

Think of it as a more natural exercise for the next meeting.

When his name comes out of your mouth, the opening between the two will disappear unknowingly.

  However, there are a few points to note.

The method of calling names directly is the most effective in the first and second meetings. Random use will only make the situation difficult.

Sometimes the situation worsens.

I hope you don’t.

  5. The boss gets angry and needs to be as generous as the player.
  Even if he gets angry, he doesn’t have to do something dishonest or do something contrary to his usual style.

Of course, if he asks first, there is no need to react too honestly.
Treat him as generously as a sports player and tell him: “I’m ready to listen, please be honest.

“In this case, he will instead think back to see if it is your fault, and the anger will slowly subside.

  But remember to say these things at the end, and then be careful about consistency.

Don’t keep thinking about what to do, but it will affect work efficiency.

If it’s your fault, you can’t do that.

Be sincere and regretful, and reflect on your mistakes.

  6. Using gestures instead of language is indifferent to human feelings. There is no silver bullet, only specific situations can be analyzed.

If you feel that your words are not convincing, just use posture to persuade others.

  Blink quickly.

This shows that you don’t have much confidence in you, or you are thinking hard now.

It may also be a relationship that is very scared and the heart beats very hard.

  The fingers kept beating.

Indicates that they are impatient and want to end the conversation.

I’m already disgusted with you, don’t know what you will say, just be careful.

  Seems only interested in facing what is left.

(Eyes, keys, ashtray, etc.) Although I am sitting here now, my heart has been flying for a long time and I do n’t know where to go.