How do fresh people cope with 9 major discomforts

How do fresh people cope with 9 major discomforts

Although the pain experienced by fresh people in the workplace varies from person to person, in summary, there are generally 9 major workplaces that are not adapted.

In order to cure the “flash” caused by it, CG!

Please come to four heavyweights, let these successful people stand in the perspective of their predecessors, solve your doubts, and tell you how to deal with the unsuitability of the workplace.

  When can I stop being a rookie?

  This is a problem commonly encountered by fresh people in society. Don’t worry, but you must find opportunities to prove your abilities.

It’s simple to say, it can be difficult and even painful to do.

In the process, you may make mistakes, but do not accept challenges because you are afraid of making mistakes, otherwise you will always be a rookie.

Opportunities should be actively sought.

In addition, a smart boss will give those energetic and motivated employees a chance to prove themselves, because the boss will test the ability of his subordinates, especially for new employees, and will create opportunities to observe him.

  In my own experience, from a journalist, to a diplomat, and from a government department to a business, in these three different industries, at the beginning, there must be a stage to prove that they are qualified for this job.

Only by completing a piece of work, overcoming difficulties, learning from lessons, and accumulating experience, can we get rid of the rookie role.

This way, while the boss notices you, others will notice you, some other company, sees your ability, and wants to cooperate with you, this will bring more opportunities and become a virtuous circle.

Everything is difficult at the beginning. If you want to be smooth and overly cautious, afraid of making mistakes, and afraid to try, you may only be a follower of the order.

  If you make a mistake, don’t be afraid to admit your mistakes, be brave enough to take responsibility, make no excuses, and conscientiously conclude that you may do well to cause this mistake.

A wise boss will observe all this and make a judgment.

An employee with real potential will make a mistake and it is an opportunity to learn. He will actively ask his boss or colleague afterwards and face it very actively.

As a boss, when I see such an employee, I will not get angry, but think it is a good thing.

  Facing false and complicated workplace relationships, headache!

  A wise workplace person knows to look a little farther, without getting entangled in the immediate interests.

If you think of work as a business, you must establish your own image in a business or organization and gain the respect of others.

This is first and foremost whether you do things in principle and have your own assessment.

No matter how intriguing others are, you refuse to participate.

Maybe some price will be paid in the short term, but in the long run, these people who are good at drilling will gradually leave, and you will eventually be respected because you adhere to the principle.

  The working team is actually like a family, with a warm side and a complicated side.

Because we are all human beings, we all have selfish, complex, and fragile sides.

If you can see this, you will not become pessimistic and disappointed when you see the warmth and warmth of your relationship. You know that you need to establish your own principles.

  As a boss, when dealing with interpersonal relationships in the workplace, you must first set an example. When employees see what you do, they will do it. Over time, the boss’s style of behavior will become the company’s practice.

In fact, making everyone feel respected is an important part of the company, and the boss must treat all employees equally.

Third, if there is a contradiction among employees, the boss should take the initiative to open the knot and break the deadlock.

For example, Ms. Ye Ying, my boss, creates opportunities when she sees employees unwilling to cooperate, so that these people must cooperate and depend on each other in their work.

At first, this will make them feel uncomfortable, but over time, they will find that the other party is actually the same as their own, with advantages and disadvantages, and they will slowly understand the other party.

  Do not agree with the supervisor, should I be obedient or talk back?

  If you think your opinion is correct, you should speak up bravely. This is not to talk back.

No matter you are superior or inferior, everyone is equal in spirit.

I always encourage my employees not to be afraid to hold different opinions.

Some supervisors, because they deal with too many things every day, may not be as thoughtful as their subordinates in some details.

At this time, he will listen to the opinions of his subordinates.

When you encounter such a supervisor, you should think about it for him, and you must say what you should say.But if you meet those stubborn supervisors who ca n’t listen to your opinions, you do n’t have to look back when you hit the south wall. If you put forward the correct opinions three or five times, he wo n’t accept them, then you do n’t need to continue to be wronged and take orders from him.Go to another boss you think is better.

  Under normal circumstances, communication is necessary to avoid many misunderstandings. This is a very important link between superiors and subordinates.

However, effective communication requires skill, and as a subordinate, don’t overlook this when communicating with supervisors.

According to the personality characteristics of the supervisor, find a suitable way: in the face of straight-forward supervisors, you have nothing to turn around, of course, to maintain minimal politeness, to avoid overstimulating each other with words; in the face of love around the corner, good-looking director,Pay more attention to modifying the wording and improve to avoid areas that might offend him.

  In fact, a good supervisor does not pursue the process of doing things, but the results of doing things.

Supervisors need to give more space to their subordinates. They ca n’t explain everything and can only do so. They ca n’t do that. They will only train their subordinates into puppets, lose their imagination, and never grow up.

  I have worked very hard, why can’t I get praise from my supervisor?

  Your supervisor is of a certain type. If he is after results, and you believe that you have achieved results, you will not be late for praise.

Hard work is not the same as stupidity. You go to work earlier than others, and you get off work later than others, but you can’t complete any tasks, and you can’t even appreciate the hard work.

Good supervisors will quantify work goals and determine rewards and penalties based on the completion of each subordinate’s indicators.

As a subordinate, you must understand what your goals are. If you reach your goals, your boss will be very happy.

The boss also has many goals. You helped him achieve it. How could he not see it?

Therefore, we must not only be serious in our attitude, but also pursue good results. Our goals must be clear. If we achieve our goals, we will definitely get approval from our superiors.

  As a supervisor, when your staff encounters such a breakthrough, you should take the initiative to encourage and encourage it.

Between people, the first is to communicate, the second is to run in, and more opportunities should be given to new people.

Teach him the experience of others, tell him that he should do it, and let him make his own decisions.

You must allow your subordinates to make mistakes, but you cannot make the same mistakes every time. Let him learn from his mistakes.

Good supervisors must express their approval when their subordinates make achievements, and they must adhere to the principle of “praising people in public praise, cursing people behind closed doors and scolding them,” and giving people face.

The Chinese are particularly good-faced, and if he loses face, he hates not doing anything.

  What if the current military job is simple and boring?

  First of all, congratulations, this kind of job is actually more rare in a highly competitive workplace than buying a first-line river view house in the CBD for less than 5,000 yuan / square meter.

If it is me, I will do a clear combing of my daily work in the form of a table, look at the relationship between work content and time allocation, analyze whether it can further improve work efficiency, and use the pursuit of perfection to upgrade each item toHighly difficult for others to do.

The details determine the success or failure, turning the spare time into full consideration, and doing the simple things that others do not realize the best. Unconsciously, the eyes are beyond ordinary people.

  In essence, you can also actively observe the boss or colleague who is recognized as having the strongest business ability, and analyze their success.

They usually do not hinder them from volunteering to be volunteer assistants, and they can also acquire excellent business knowledge and abilities in a subtle way.

When a challenging task comes up, naturally you have a lot in your mind. You may wish to take the initiative to ask at the appropriate time. Maybe it is a great opportunity to change the status quo.

  If I unfortunately enter a unit and my colleagues are all hanging out, should I be confounded?

  The story of the fish effect, I believe you must have heard it.

I hope to be a competent catfish.

In the workplace, if you face a dead-hearted working principle, you don’t prevent yourself from being relaxed and don’t frown all day.

Then understand and become familiar with specific work content and rules as soon as possible, and make full use of professional knowledge and experience to actively think about reasonable work improvement plans.

Leaders and colleagues who have also changed the current situation, communicate their own problems, put forward their own predictions, move towards the cooperation and support of more colleagues, use the crowd to amplify the strength of the individual, and go all out to make a unique and wonderful case.

With a successful breakthrough, hoping to change the status quo, naturally it is no longer a foolish dream.

  If you think you are not a catfish, or even a sardine that can be easily assimilated by surroundings, it is best to find another more suitable fish pond after quickly learning your professional knowledge to avoid chronic hypoxia and suffocation.

  My supervisor is not from a professional department. What’s so amazing about him?

  I think the supervisor is nothing great, this is probably an idea that newcomers are easy to have.

Maybe the supervisor is not as skilled at operating the computer as you are, and you are not as familiar with the financial statements, but these details cannot explain that he is not as good as you and not worthy of leadership.

  Dealing with supervisors is one of the most important issues in your career.

Everyone’s thinking is very different. The boss’s ideas will affect many people, and the subordinates’ ideas will also affect the work mood. So if the two parties can’t work together, it will lead to many problems such as inefficiency.

As a newcomer to the workplace, the most important thing is to find your own shortcomings and find the good places in your supervisor.The professionalism and keen observation of things that I see from my boss are worth learning.

  The boss is not perfect, and his position does not require him to be better than his staff. He is not a technical person and does not need specific and minimal work from the military. His job is to let each different professional show his strengths and complete the work together.

His brilliant quality is reflected in decision-making, that is, screening for good and bad, and choosing the most suitable method to solve the problem.

  In fact, fresh people can also consciously cultivate this ability, detach themselves from their existing positions, jump out of a narrow world, and learn to think like a boss, exercise the ability to manage projects, why ca n’t I do what I want to do?

  Many people say being able to do what they want is the happiest thing.

However, this may also lose more opportunities to find yourself.

In fact, when people are in the workplace, they don’t know themselves very well. They are more perceptual and think what they should or can do.

And a lot of facts often prove that human potential is often unexpected: an engineer with a mechanical background does not interfere with him to become an excellent group president; a former gardener who arranges flowers can also become the country’s top training instructor.

If I were given a chance, if I had to do something I didn’t want to do, I would think of it as God’s preference for me and let me discover the other side of myself.

  Life is only a few decades. If you can discover more potentials and have richer and wonderful life experiences, wouldn’t it prolong your life?

And maybe looking back, the original thing I wanted to do was actually nothing more than that, and it might as well be more poetic as an accidental interest.

  The big enterprise system is really stiff. Is the small company more humane?

  People who jump out of big companies and enter small companies have courage.

This may also be more conducive to development, because small companies are more autonomous and of course face more difficulties.

  Some people say that in large enterprises, everyone is like a small part on a large machine, and they become more specialized in a certain position, but it is always only a part. In a small company, one person may be a complete machine.You have to deal with everything.

After years of accumulation in large companies, a complete training, assessment, and promotion system has been formed, and almost no employees have been promoted because of their outstanding performance in a certain emergency.

Small companies don’t have such a perfect system, and everyone has to play many roles.

Whether you choose a large or small company depends on your personal interests and aspirations.

Small businesses are also cumbersome