People who can soak their feet will not invade!


Where is not comfortable, use what foot, super detailed

People who can soak their feet will not invade!
Where is not comfortable, use what foot, super detailed

The weather is getting colder. Before going to bed, using hot water bubble feet is a very pleasant and very healthy thing. Putting a pot of hot water and putting your feet in the warmth and warmth. It’s really a comfortable and healthy body.Do you know that adding some of these things to the water when you soak your feet has complications for some diseases, and the effect of the relief is crowning?

Let’s take a look at it with us. It is very delicate. The feet can be cold. It can cause a variety of diseases. It has been found that there is a close neural connection between the foot and the upper respiratory tract mucosa. Once the foot is cold, the upper respiratory tract mucosal capillaries will shrink and the body’s resistance will decrease.If you soak your feet with warm water to sweat out of the respiratory defense function, you can recover from the cold of the feet and cause diarrhea, low back pain and other diseases. Therefore, the warmth of the feet is getting colder and the colder and more beautiful.Shifting warmth, don’t wear boat-type shoes and thin socks, wear shoes and socks with better warmth performance. Don’t barefoot to prevent “cold from the foot”. The effect of simple foot bathing is not simple.The action of its health effect is greatly safe, convenient, comfortable and cheap, effective and painless, and has no toxic side effects. It promotes blood circulation (the foot is the second heart, and the centrifugation is easy to bleed).

Benefit 2 stimulates acupuncture points, reflex zones and meridians.

Benefits 3 has an auxiliary therapeutic effect on a variety of diseases, which can eliminate turbidity in the body.

The key point is to add a little bit to the foot, and integrate a variety of disease notes: The following dosage of the medicine for the foot bath is 5?
About 20g can clear the lungs and anti-fog foam composition: mulberry leaves, sage leaves, eucalyptus leaves, orange leaves, and leaves.

Efficacy: clear lung and phlegm, cough and phlegm.

Applicable people: children, the elderly and the infirm are soaking their feet to prevent fog and phlegm.

The composition of the foot and the itching foam foot: honeysuckle, Senecio, safflower, Ming staff, Sichuan pepper, aliquots.

Efficacy: clearing away heat and detoxification, phlegm and itching.

Applicable people: athlete’s foot, eczema and itching.

The composition of Tongluo Huoxuebuyu: Danshen, Sichuan Achyranthes, papaya, and safflower.

Efficacy: blood circulation, strong bones.

Applicable people: middle-aged and elderly people with arteriosclerosis.

The composition of diabetic soaked feet: silver flower, safflower, mulberry branch, yellow cypress, white scorpion.

Efficacy: hypoglycemic to stop, blood circulation.

Applicable people: low glucose tolerance and diabetes patients.

The composition of Qinggan Jiangya foam is composed of mulberry leaves, chrysanthemum, apocynum venetum, Prunella vulgaris, and uncaria.

Efficacy: Qinggan eyesight, Pinggan blood pressure.

Applicable people: diabetic retinal and fundus lesions, high blood pressure.

General health care ingredients: safflower, wormwood, pepper, aliquots, large amount of salt.

Efficacy: warm and blood circulation, sterilization and health care.

Applicable people: Suitable for public health.

Note: The foot bath has a stress on the water volume and water temperature. The water temperature of the foot bath is about 40 degrees (38?
42 掳), do not overheat the water to avoid burns.

2, the water should not pass the foot surface, the foot can be offset, do not need to soak to the calf.

3, soak once a day, each time about 15 minutes.

4, recommended wooden foot bath barrel, wooden barrel is better than ordinary foot basin insulation, in addition, you can also choose the function foam basin.

Experts in this article: Tian Jinyue, Shijiazhuang City Second Hospital, Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wen/Hebei Youth Daily reporter Li Yao