Phone game

Phone game

Props: toilet paper roll function: 1, left and right ear hearing test.

Playing and listening games for mothers and babies can help them get used to the language and understand the significance of making phone calls early.

  2. The reel is a receiver and a microphone; the mother uses the reel to talk to the baby, allowing the baby to deeply experience the level and frequency of the mother’s intonation, and can also stimulate the baby to imitate, long hair.

 Steps: 1. Roll the newspaper into a long paper roll (or connect the toilet paper roll with tape), hold the long roll with the mother, put it in the baby’s ear and talk to the baby.

  2. Ask the baby to speak to one end of the microphone, and Mummy will hold the earpiece to his ear. In this way, parents and children will talk to each other by the reel, taking the opportunity to teach the baby the meaning of making a call.

 Game changes: Also use the phone at home, or a toy phone for games.