In particular, couples must sleep separately

In particular, couples must sleep separately

Whether it is the common ideal of “wife and child hot hoe” or the talented and beautiful life goal of “to be a couple, to stay together forever”, the traditional custom of husband and wife living in the same room and living in the same bed can be said to have passed through the ages and become ChineseRegarding the basic statutes of the two people’s world in a marriage relationship, there are more and more claims that splitting a bed between each other is beneficial to the health.

  From the perspective of medical analysis, the domestic academic circles rarely see the advantages and disadvantages of husband and wife separation, but it is more common in foreign countries.

It can be said that the proper separation of the husband and wife to bed will have certain benefits to the health, affection, independence of the individuality, and privacy of both parties.

Experts say that spouses are understandable, but it takes a basic principle: both parties must have a good emotional foundation.

  The benefits of sleeping in separate beds are shown in the following: First, sleeping in separate beds can maintain a “close feeling of distance” between husband and wife.

  From a social perspective, men and women are social people.

As husband and wife, each person has his own social circle, and each has his own unwillingness to be humane.

Living in separate beds not only preserves a space for each other, it is also very good for the mental health of both parties, and can keep a “closeness of distance” between husband and wife.

  In fact, “mysterious freshness” can be created between husband and wife.

  The old wife and wife loved each other for many years, but there was always a day of “aesthetic fatigue”.

Some people say that the secret to maintaining marriage is always mystery.

When the other party ‘s food, drink, and Lazar all appeared within sight, the last line of mystery on both sides disappeared.

He can whisper sweetly into your dreams next to you, see his dandruff drifting beside the pillow on the table, and smell the rotten smell of his mouth; every day, you show the image of unkempt, lingering yellow face woman in front of him, There is no longer that fresh and pleasant lady image.

At this time, proper separation and living can create a sense of freshness for both parties, add a sense of romance to the marriage life, change the role of “Xiaobie wins a new marriage”, and lay some expectations for the next intimate contact.One party creates a little atmosphere. When the spark of love ignites again, sex life will naturally be like a fish, and the quality will be greatly improved.

This, of course, is hundreds of times stronger than looking up and having sex without quantity.

  Third, from a physiological point of view, couples sleep in separate beds or have sex in tandem.

  When a couple sleeps in the same bed, one’s speech and posture can arouse the desire of the other party, especially the man, and lead to a frequent sexual life.

Traditional medicine believes that kidney hidden essence, raw marrow, brain connection, main bone, and excessive sexual intercourse can cause kidney deficiency, which can cause dizziness, mental fatigue, weak waists and knees, and decreased work efficiency. Severe can even induce prostatitis, urineRoad infection.

If the bed is separated, sexual stimulation is greatly reduced, leading a restrained sex life, nourishing energy and accumulating energy, which is conducive to protecting kidney qi.

  Maybe many people still can’t accept this anti-traditional approach. After all, women’s wearing trousers has gone through hundreds of thousands of years before they are accepted by the public. Fashion always goes before everyone!

Of course, living in separate beds is not meant to be a norm, it is only promoted when it is good for health.

In the end, under what circumstances will the couple go to bed separately and gradually become more healthy?

  Health experts believe that couples are suitable to sleep in separate beds when: 1. Women’s menstrual period, pregnancy, puerperium, lactation and other “four periods”.

During this time, the wife needs the best health care, and then it is necessary for the husband and wife to divide their beds.

For example: uncontrolled sexual life during menstruation, prone to inflammation and irregular menstruation of female reproductive organs; sexual life in early pregnancy, prone to miscarriage, late sexual life may cause premature birth or intrauterine bleeding, infection, etc.Sexual life shortly after dissection may cause puerperal fever; lactating young mothers have high physical and consumption costs, coupled with noisy babies, and often have a bad night’s rest.

If the couple sleeps in separate beds, the above-mentioned problems can be avoided, which is beneficial to the “four-phase” health care of the wife.

  2. If one spouse suffers from infectious diseases such as viral hepatitis, tuberculosis, influenza, bacterial dysentery or skin disease, sharing the same bed with the pillow is very easy to be transmitted to each other.

In addition, if the wife has fungal vaginitis or trichomoniasis, she can also be transmitted to her husband during sexual contact.

If the couple goes to bed separately, it is easy to implement rational isolation and effectively avoid mutual infection or cross infection.

   3. A husband and wife often leave early and return home late due to work needs. In order to avoid disturbing each other’s sleep in the middle of the night, it is best to choose a separate bed to ensure adequate sleep, eliminate fatigue, restore physical strength, and naturally benefit the human body.

   4, husband and wife have a good emotional foundation, but found that each other’s “sex” interest gradually fade, you can choose to sleep in separate beds, producing “sex” interest.

Other husbands and wives have different needs for sex, and sometimes one doesn’t want to think about the other, in order to succumb to the other side, they are frustrated.

In this case, you can choose to live in separate beds, which will not prevent you from sharing the same bed when the needs of both parties are the same.

  In ordinary people’s impressions, it seems that only when couples are suffocating and quarreling will they sleep in separate beds. Considering the other way around, will splitting beds cause couples to scream and quarrel?

The expert’s advice, don’t let splitting a bed become a “double-edged sword” . The experts point out: Splitting a bed is a lifestyle chosen by modern couples, but it is not suitable for everyone.

For couples with deep emotional foundations, but their sexual life is relatively dull, living apart from bed is equivalent to a good medicine, which can make both parties rekindle their love and relive their dreams.

However, if the relationship between the husband and wife is cold and tense, and the bed has been separated for a long time, it may make the husband and wife relationship that has been cold indifferent, aggravate the fissures, cause deeper gaps, and even more third parties may come in.

Therefore, conflicting couples should grasp the scale of sleeping in separate beds, and do not let temporary separation become permanent separation.  There are also couples who have very good feelings and have heavy dependence on each other.

After falling asleep because of worrying about the other party, it will be difficult to enter the bed because of worrying about the other party. It may even cause damage to the work, life and emotions of both parties.

  In addition, some are that sleeping in separate beds does not necessarily mean sleeping in separate rooms.

For middle-aged couples, sleeping in separate rooms when they are bound to be passionate may cause the couple to never sleep together again.

However, the popular “separate beds and separate rooms” or “separate beds and separate beds” methods are all very good solutions.

  In Europe and the United States, some people have invented a mattress that can be opened in the middle. Couples who want to be together, and who want to divide, not only solve the problem, but also reflect the unique humor and wisdom of Westerners.

Conditional Chinese, may wish to try.