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5 Principles of Eye and Lip Protection Against Cold Winter

This winter seems to be a little anxious. I ca n’t wait to appear early, so that all MMs are caught off guard, especially the fragile eyes and lips. How can they overcome the erosion of cold wind?

In view of this, Xiao Bian has deliberately collected 5 major principles to protect the eyes and lips for a group of distressed MMs in the winter, hoping to solve everyone’s “urgent need”!

  Dry eye skin and chapped lips are an inevitable symptom of winter. Dry eyes and lips are only uncomfortable for the body and hinder aesthetics. Therefore, eye and lips protection is indispensable!


I Eyes and Lips Protection の Eye Principle One: Morning and Night Maintenance To protect the skin around the eyes, skin care products are necessary. To keep the skin around the eyes moist and not dry, you must rub special eyes on the skin around the eyes morning and night.Skin cream, can be supplemented with 1 every week?
2 times of eye mask care to increase the moisturization of the eye skin.

  Principle two: Apply ice after makeup and hold back the cold. Remove the cold around the eyes with an ice pack, which can reduce the pressure around the eyes and sooth the skin around the eyes.

  Tip: The skin on the eyes is the youngest, so keep in mind that the movement must be gentle during the care process. Do not pull the skin, otherwise the fake fine lines will become real wrinkles when the eyes are hurt!



2 Lip Principles for Eyes and Lips Protection 3: Rubbing the lipstick with lip balm has a moisturizing effect. It is like a protective film for the fragile lips in the north wind. Therefore, you must always prepare a lip balm every 2?
Rub it on for 3 hours and after meals to keep your lips moisturized.

  Principle 4: In addition to daily cleaning of lipstick, if you want to further prevent problems such as scaling, lip lines and dullness, you should double your maintenance before going to bed at night, and apply a thick layer of moisturizing products such as vaselineIs a good way.

  Principle 5: Deep protection If your lips are too dry, then in addition to the above two steps, you should also add vitamin B or rub the fish oil directly on your lips to replenish your lips and prevent them from drying out.

  Tip: When dandruff appears on the lips due to chapped lips, don’t try to catch it as soon as possible. This will only hurt the lips, and the lip lines will be deeper!


3Recommended product price for eye and lip protection: RMB 228.

0 / 15ml deep moisturizing eyes, say goodbye to the main components of puffiness and dehydration, sodium hyaluronate and glycerin work together to effectively alleviate the dryness of the eye skin and improve dehydration.

Caffeine and La Roche-Posay spring water work together on the eyelids and bags under the eyes, effectively alleviating the natural congestion of the eye skin and helping to eliminate puffiness.

  Editor’s comment: The weight is relatively watery, there will be no burden on it, no unpleasant taste, and the hydration effect is good.

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0/8 tablets uniquely developed eye protection formula can effectively solve all the annoying eye problems at once.

Contains a large number of moisture-regulating gels, precious people participate in a variety of active ingredients such as Huangling.

Smooths fine lines around eyes and activates eye skin, reducing the appearance of dark circles and under-eye bags.

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  Recommendation 3: Kiehl’s extremely effective moisturizing lip balm Reference price: 125.

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Say goodbye to peeling and dry lips.

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Big S Grandly Recommended Lipstick.

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