Prevent gynecological diseases in summer

Prevent gynecological diseases in summer

Too many women are used to where they sit and where they are, right to be as relaxed as their own home, but this is not the case in the eyes of “picky” gynecologists.

The gynecological mortality rate is high in summer. Experts remind that chairs in public places can’t sit without sitting. You should choose wooden chairs as much as possible.

Toilet paper is best taken with you. If you want to put it in a bag or pocket, you must use a paper towel.

Women should drink plenty of water and eat less irritating food to prevent gynecological arthritis.

  The sofa in the hotel lobby is so soft that you do n’t want to sit down; the air conditioner in the bank is blowing, and you have to rest for a while . Many women are accustomed to where they sit and relax, right to relax at home, anyway, wearing trousers or skirtsIt doesn’t matter if you sit more.

  But in the eyes of “picky” gynecologists, this is not the case.
“It’s not to teach everyone to have cleanliness, or to really go out too casually.

What female friends don’t know is that no matter what material the clothes are, the size is more than enough for bacteria, and the clothes are already thin in summer. Therefore, it is recommended that women still stand as far as possible in public places.

“Associate Professor Chen Zhiliao of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University said that public fabric sofas are the easiest to hide dirt, and wooden chairs are relatively clean.

  In addition, summer is the season when gynecological diseases occur frequently, and cervicitis and pelvic inflammatory disease are loved to visit in summer.

Women must pay attention to a certain daily routine, so as to avoid gynecological diseases?

Does not prevent experts from swimming, using toilet paper and other small places to teach female friends how to spend summers safely.

  Public sofas, pool stools should be less frequent. Ms. Chen is born with slender feet, and feels tired after walking a little longer.

“Whether it’s a bank, a hospital, or a mall, I have to sit for a while if I stand for more than half an hour, or I can’t stand it.

“However, her habit was criticized by doctors when she” visited “a gynecological clinic for a urinary tract infection.

  ”Can’t say that Ms. Chen’s urinary tract infection is caused by casual sitting outside, but we think that women should pay special attention when wearing thin clothing in summer, and can’t sit around comfortably for a while, because the material volume of pants and skirt is enough for bacteria, Fracture intruder.

“Chen Zhiliao said that public fabric sofas have the highest” danger “coefficient, because dirt is easy to hide, leather sofas are second, and wooden chairs are the least likely to retain bacteria.

  ”Even if you have a sofa at home, you need to vacuum and clean it regularly. It ‘s best to wipe the office chairs regularly to remove dust. You ca n’t sit in a chair in a public place unless it ‘s too tired.Also try to pick a wooden chair.

He said that after sitting outside and going home, it is best to wash your clothes immediately.

  In addition, sitting on a bench that is often hot or sun-heated can easily cause infection in the urinary system.

“The south is hot and humid. Too many women are deeply aware of it. In summer, it is easy to reduce resistance and attenuate regeneration.

If you often sit on a hot bench or cannot sit for a long time, it may cause the heat to gather in the private area and it is difficult to spread, and the sweat and secretions are two-pronged, which will eventually lead to destruction and invasion, and damage to regeneration.

“Compared with public fabric sofas, more chairs than those in hospitals, swimming pools, etc. are more than” lethal “.

“People come and go in these places, and the surrounding objects are easily infected with bacteria. It is best not to touch the hospital, including the escalators.

Too many women are sitting on a stool without fear when changing clothes in the locker room of a swimming pool, which is very taboo.

Chen Zhiliao said that the skin must not directly touch the stool, and the changed clothes must be packed in bags.

Try to sit less on the ground near the pool, because everyone is walking around barefoot and the ground is not clean.

If you really want to sit, at least put a bath towel on the floor.

  The gynecological mortality rate is not good. For the time being, women who do not swim too much will still eat, drink and play as usual when the gynecological complications are acute.

In progress, Chen Zhiliao reminded that it is best not to swim in the water when the fermentation is not good, otherwise it may cause repeated illness and worsen.

  Experts said that although most of the water in the swimming pool is circulated for disinfection, it is impossible to achieve sterility. Some swimming pools are not completely disinfected without even ensuring protection.

“女性的生理结构决定了遇到不干净的水时特别容易‘中招’,其实泳池本就是诱发炎症的一个高危场所,只有在身体免疫力够好、泳池又消毒到位等前提下,才能放心Take a swim.

Chen Zhiliao introduced that in addition to being unable to swim due to skin diseases, eye diseases and other diseases, if a woman is undergoing menstrual period or suffering from gynecological inflammation, especially during treatment, she must not be able to swim, otherwise she will be easily caught in the water.Bacterial infections, thereby aggravating the condition.

  In addition, deep-water areas also increase the risk of disease.

Because the water temperature in the deep water is relatively low and the water pressure is bonded, the human body’s response will be different.

Compared with the shallow water index, when a person enters the deep water, the heartbeat will become faster, blood pressure will rise, and the muscle contraction response will also be numerical. At this time, the human body is under a strong stress state, the resistance may decrease, and the bacteria will be moreIt’s easy to make inroads.

Therefore, if women’s conscious physiological state is not in the “peak” period, it is better not to stay in deep water for too long.

  The toilet paper pocket is easily contaminated with bacteria. The reporter observed that some women like to carry the toilet paper directly in their pocket for easy use at any time, and even bring a roll of toilet paper with them instead of using a small napkin.对此,专家表示:“裤兜里、包包里都很脏,犄角旮旯细菌非常多,卫生纸直接放在里面等于是彻底无防护‘暴露’,卫生纸沾染了细菌再使用,就会诱使炎症来临.
Chen Zhiliao reminded that special attention should be paid to the use of toilet paper. It is best to take it with you. If you put it in a bag or pocket, you must use a bag of paper towels to protect it.

  How to prevent gynecological inflammation in summer women Chen Zhiliao said that in addition to the daily routine of female friends in summer, there are many good ways to prevent “small ways” to keep in mind: 1.

Preventive is first and foremost a drink of water.

Drinking more water can urinate more, which is equivalent to flushing the “sewer”. In the summer, you should drink at least 8 large glasses of water. This can ensure that the urinary system organs are sufficiently washed away, and the replaced urine can take away many bacteria.


Eat less irritating food.

Under normal circumstances, the human immune system will automatically respond to invading germs, and eat less spicy foods such as spicy food, which can ensure that the immune system works more normally and well.


Maintaining a good mood.

If you are in a good mood, you can really “brain replenish” yourself into a healthy person. An optimistic and cheerful attitude is a simple and effective way to enhance immunity. The rising mood is naturally difficult to invade.


Regular life.
Try to avoid overtime, staying up late, upside down day and night and other behaviors. Some women have sudden and acute attacks after several days of continuous overtime, which is because the inflammation recurs because of too much fatigue.