Couple sharing fitness emotions

Couple sharing fitness emotions

“The power you gain after conquering a mountain or a river will fully re-examine your own value, as well as your circle of friends.

“Sports psychologists believe that two people find each other’s characteristics in a common exercise and know how to treat each other’s shortcomings.

A recent British survey shows that couples work out more together.

First of all, the two can encourage each other. When one side shakes and wants to skip class, the other side will help and cheer up next. Secondly, when someone is watching, the wrong movement will be hidden nowhere, and a lot of “useless work” is avoided. Finally,It is also the most critical point that a couple working out together can enhance the relationship between the two sides and counteract the “seven-year itch” of marriage.

The difficulties and sweetness encountered in the movement will become unique and unforgettable memories in the relationship between two people. This intimate “emotional investment” cannot be replaced by others.

  Hiking, learning to support each other. Ou Juan and Su Fei are both freelancers. They will go hiking once a year, ranging from 1 week to 1 month.

Ou Juan and Su Fei said that sports played an important role in their marital relationship.

Some couples share the food on the table together, and they choose to feel the same mood, fear, excitement, excitement . the two treasure all the wonderful memories of the journey together, of course, the thrill and excitement are also unforgettable.

  Ou Juan said that the three days and nights spent in a car that were trapped by a storm in Tibet were the most memorable.

Ou Juan said, “We have gradually learned how to understand each other and support each other at the most difficult moments. The crises we have experienced together have increased our feelings.

At these moments of destiny to be determined, we removed the usual camouflage and showed ourselves to the other side as the true self.

“Every time they give themselves to each other without reservation.

For them, hiking adds a bit of fun to their lives, and it also dilutes the small conflicts and conflicts in the daily lives of the two.

  Tango, cultivate the couple’s tango elegant and coordinated dance steps, can make people get rid of irritability, find quiet, so as long as there is time, the couple Leile and Zhang Ming will jump on a few paragraphs.

Lei Lei recalled that when I first learned tango, I stepped on you.

Once, Lei Lei accidentally hit Zhang Ming’s ass.

“Tango is not the same as other ballroom dances. It requires the cooperation of the woman and improper grasp, which will cause the female horn to exceed the male horn for a certain length.

Seeing such a dance, people feel that the two sides are constantly fighting for initiative. This process is similar to our early marriage.

Zhang Ming added.

  In the first half year of “Tango”, it was the “one year’s itch” after they got married, and they often quarreled over trivial matters.

From the tango, the two learned how to get along with each other, modesty, and equality.

“Tango allowed us to spend the most dangerous moments in our marriage.

Leilei thought very seriously: “I think all couples should have sports that belong to two people.

This is a magic weapon for the close relationship between the two people, and it is also a panacea for a bland life.

Rational thinking before marital fitness Marital fitness can indeed change the tiredness of both parties due to long-term life, but before two people decide to exercise together, they must first ask themselves three questions.

  ● Who chooses the sport?

  The answer to this question is decisive.

If you both love this sport, then this question seems superfluous.

But if not, the follower should ask why you want to accommodate him / her, because of curiosity about the movement, or are you worried that you will gradually alienate?

In fact, you have already faced your first test while choosing a project.

  ● Why do two people have the same sport together?

  The answers may be varied, but social factors must not be ruled out.

Do you want to have a variety of social activities, or to pass the boring time?

Confirming a clear, practical purpose can give both parties an incentive to persevere.